Thankful On Thankgiving

On this Thanksgiving morning, I am thankful for:

My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He called me to himself before my 5th birthday and has been central in my life ever since. I truly cannot imagine who I would even be today apart from His grace, love, mercy and sacrifice.

My wife, Susie. My constant companion and best friend for 24 years and the love of my life. She’s the mother of our three daughters and example of the beauty and grace of a woman of excellence and virtue (Proverbs 31:10-31). I’d be lost without her.

My three daughters, Michaela, Brooke & Sophia. They are each so unique and color my life with laughter and fresh perspectives. They are the “best work” of my and Susie lives and love together. They have taught me how to be a firm but gentle father. I’d never have the heart of a father without you.

My church family, VALLEY Christian Church. They have allowed me to grow up from a young man to a man before them over the last 21 years. They have supported me and honored me when times were tough and stress was high. We now enjoy much fruit from hard years of labor that inspire me to continue to be all that God has called me to be, until I see all that He has put in my heart come to pass for the VALLEY Family. I’d have little “fruit” in my life and ministry without your love and faith.

My many friends. They are too many to count and too important not to mention. We have met through school, in the neighborhood, coaching football, at conferences or providentially. Each one is a tool that God has used to challenge me and better me through the years. We’ve learned and grown together on this journey called life. I hold great memories in my heart of each of you, that I replay with affection over and over again. I’d be a lonely and poor man without you.


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