Indecisive Christian Men

WARNING: Indecisive & wishy-washy Christian men may find this post hard to read. Over the years, I’ve found myself in the middle of too many sticky marriage situations as a pastor. These are always very awkward and uncomfortable for the couple but probably the most for the third person in the room, the pastor. It […]

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Thankful On Thankgiving

On this Thanksgiving morning, I am thankful for: My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He called me to himself before my 5th birthday and has been central in my life ever since. I truly cannot imagine who I would even be today apart from His grace, love, mercy and sacrifice. My wife, Susie. My constant […]

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Finish Together

Today, my wife Susie and I celebrate 21 years of marriage. We’ll probably pull out our wedding DVD (that was copied from VHS) and walk down memory lane of that very special day 21 years ago. Beside Susie being my wife, lover, and mother of our three daughters, she’s also my best friend. That’s the […]

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Why I Love Road Trips

Call me “Old Fashioned”, but I really do love ROAD TRIPS. It kinda seems like a part of American life that’s been forgotten with a lot of the emerging generation. Today, on a road trip back home from our family vacation, we headed north on I95 through the Carolinas and of course, passed the millions […]

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Saturday Is Family Day

Saturday around the Williamson house is all about the family. Yes, it also includes some chores, but the focus is always about spending time together as a family. It’s a day where quantity of time together is the focus (not only quality of time). As a pastor, I make a great effort to finish all […]

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I Love My Family

Some people have asked me if I feel like something is missing because I don’t have a son (my wife and I have three daughters). My answer is “NO”. I love my life and I love my family! Although I’m the only male in the house, my wife and my three daughters give me plenty […]

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