What I Do Is NOT Who I Am

In a day and age of ‘win at all costs’, it’s incredible refreshing to see a genuine Christian on a national stage who understands what life is all about. It also doesn’t hurt that he is the Head Coach of The University Georgia Bulldog football team, my personal all-time favorite team to cheer for. “What […]

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Are You Legit?

Some portions of Scripture are not easy to read. We sometimes stay away from the ones we don’t like because they’re not our favorites and they challenge us to deeply. You won’t find them on a nice framed picture at your local Christian bookstore, but they say more about the reality of our lives and […]

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Prepare or Repair?

I’ve heard it said before, “The more you prepare, the less you will repair”. Nothing could be more true around the Christmas holidays than those words. For many, the holidays are a happy and joyous time, for others, not so much. The key to experiencing all that God desires to bless us with during this […]

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O Holy Night!

This past Sunday, while giving my message “I Will Make The Most Of Jesus” at VALLEY Christian Church, I mentioned how incredible some of the lyrics are in the traditional Christmas Carols we sing this time of year. Not only are the words beautiful, but they are also filled with tremendous Biblical theology and doctrine. […]

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A Minister’s Preaching

My Master God, I am desired to preach today,      but go weak and needy to my task; Yet I long that people may be edified with divine truth,      that an honest testimony might be borne for thee; Give me assistance in preaching and prayer,      with heart uplifted for grace and unction. Present […]

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We all need it, but we rarely make time for it. It’s rooted in creation. God even commanded it as one of his Top Ten (#4) most important commandments in life. What is it? A day of rest. A day to pause. A Sabbath day once every week. In generations past, Sunday was commonly known […]

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