Reflections On My 44th

Today is my 44th birthday. Each year, I use the time between my birthday and the New Year as a time of reflection and then seeking God for vision for the coming year. Here are a few points of reflection on my mind today:

1. It’s more important in life to be a lifter than a leaner. Make it your aim to help others, you’ll never regret it.

2. Everyone’s is really great at one or two things in life, after that we’re all pretty average. Focus on the one or two things you really excel in and you’ll always succeed in what you do.

3. Those closest to you (your friends) will either make you or break you in fulfilling God’s plan for your life.

4. Treat everyone you meet with respect & dignity, especially the old and young. It’s funny how the tide changes in life and they cross your path again.

5. Trust your gut. The biggest regrets I have in life come from times when I didn’t.

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