Update on Championship Saturday

We did not prevail in our quest for a championship on Saturday (11/5/11). We lost the Section 1 Championship to Croton High School 21-7. The game was a tough battle and could have still gone either way until Croton scored its third touchdown with 3:37 let in the fourth quarter. It was a great season for the Lourdes High School football team, and a very rewarding season as a coach.

Today was that weird and awkward day when we collect all the equipment, watch the last game film as a team and say goodbye to all of the seniors who will graduate and move on to college in the summer. Now the “off-season” has set in and I get to focus all of my attention of ministry again. As hard as the loss at the end of the season was, I know that in just a few short weeks, I’ll find myself missing the players, coaches, competition and fun of football again. Two-a-days start again in 9 short months. Let’s ROLL!!! 🙂

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