Championship Saturday

Today the wait is finally over. This is my eleventh season coaching high school football, and I’ve never coached in a game of this magnitude before. As a coach, I’ve coached League Championship teams (2) and lost a one, but I’ve never coached in a Sectional Championship before. To add to the drama of the situation, the high school where I now coach, Our Lady of Lourdes, has never played in a Sectional Championship before! It’s a wonder I was able to sleep last night. With a win today, Lourdes Football Team will be just two wins away from playing for the State Championship!

After all the work, sweat, practices, hours of film and preparation, we’re finally here. It really makes me take a moment and reflect on how critical perseverance is if anything is going to be accomplished in this life. Whether it’s marriage, parenting, ministry or coaching, nothing significant is ever accomplished without perseverance. As happy as I am to have made it to this big game as a coach, it’s not enough. Now we need to demonstrate the same character that brought us to this point as we play today. No matter what adversity we face today, we will persevere. And when the last whistle blows, we can walk off the field knowing, we played like Champions today!

Let’s go get a Championship today, boys!

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