A Genuine Leader

“A genuine leader is not a seeker of consensus, but a molder of consensus.” I heard this quote a couple of weeks ago on a TV show (Blue Bloods) and have been pondering it every since. There’s a lot of truth to it, which leads to a bigger question, “How does a genuine leader mold […]

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Championship Saturday

Today the wait is finally over. This is my eleventh season coaching high school football, and I’ve never coached in a game of this magnitude before. As a coach, I’ve coached League Championship teams (2) and lost a one, but I’ve never coached in a Sectional Championship before. To add to the drama of the […]

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7 Reasons TRUST Is A Must

Trust is an essential element of any team, whether that’s a church staff or a sports team. Here are 7 reasons why TRUST is a must: 1. Trust heightens focus. You can’t focus on the task at hand if you have doubts about the motives of your team mates. 2. Trust creates a positive environment […]

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How To Reach Your Goals

Continuing the series of posts about goals: 1. Recognize that this will involve change.  Change can be stressful but without change there will be NO Progress. 2. You must have a vision. 3. Must have Daily Disciplined Accountability. 4. You must be a “team player” (cooperative attitude). 5. Must stay in shape physically, mentally and […]

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Get A Goals Program Going – 2

Over the years, I’ve seen lives (including my own) change dramatically due to the pursuit of worthwhile goals. Writing your goals down on paper will make you more committed to achieving them. REASONS WHY MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE A GOALS PROGRAM: 1.   FEAR – Reaching worthwhile goals can be risky.  What if I don’t reach […]

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