5 Reasons I Love Officiating Weddings

Just got home from a trip to Canton, OH. where I officiated the wedding of an awesome couple. I love officiating weddings! This was the 42nd wedding I’ve had the honor to officiate over the last 21 years. Although I just can’t officiate every wedding that I’m asked to do, I still love each and every time I can help a new couple to “tie the knot”. Here are five reasons I love officiating weddings:

1. Pastor enjoys the best seat in the house.

2. I get to relive the day I got married to my awesome wife Susie (vicariously) each time I officiate.

3. Two free meals with each wedding (rehearsal & reception). I’m really being honest here.

4. When the couple repeats their vows to each other, it reminds me of the solemn vow I made to God and to Susie on the day we were married.

5. There’s just no celebration like a wedding celebration (reception), and everyone loves a good party!

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