You Never Marry The Right Person

Never before have I read a single article containing so much truth about marriage while uncovering cultural presuppositions that are ruining marriages today. Tim Keller‘s article is a “Must Read” for every married person (and those who might some day be). You can read this insightful and practical article “You Never Marry The Right Person” […]

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Marriage Q&A

Really excited about another Marriage Matters gathering tonight at VALLEY Christian Church. This time, we’ve fielded questions for the last week or so online and my wife, Susie and I, are prepping Biblical and practical answers both from our own 23 years of marriage as well as two decades of pastoring. Here’s a sample of […]

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Indecisive Christian Men

WARNING: Indecisive & wishy-washy Christian men may find this post hard to read. Over the years, I’ve found myself in the middle of too many sticky marriage situations as a pastor. These are always very awkward and uncomfortable for the couple but probably the most for the third person in the room, the pastor. It […]

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Longing & Love Letters

Yesterday, while studying, I came across this story about Coach John Wooden. Seems like it’s a perfect one to share during the week of Valentine’s Day. Coach John Wooden is the undisputed…best college basketball coach of all time…. But Coach Wooden had his eyes on something other than popular acclaim. [Once when asked about the […]

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Finish Together

Today, my wife Susie and I celebrate 21 years of marriage. We’ll probably pull out our wedding DVD (that was copied from VHS) and walk down memory lane of that very special day 21 years ago. Beside Susie being my wife, lover, and mother of our three daughters, she’s also my best friend. That’s the […]

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