7 Favorite Things About The USA

On this 4th of July, I can’t help but sit back and think about why I love America. Having done some travel abroad, it has really made me see the USA in a different light than ever before. Here are my seven favorite things about The United States of America:

1. Peace – We have our conflicts and disagreements, but there is a prevailing sense of peace across our land that is not felt in other countries around the world.

2. Creativity – The American dream is a dream that fuels creativity and ingenuity. I really don’t have to look any further than the MacBook that I’m typing this post on right now. Enough said.

3. Freedom – Freedom to fail. Freedom to succeed. Freedom to try. Freedom to travel. Freedom of speech. Freedom to get involved. Freedom to “sit it out”. Freedom is everywhere in America, and in reality, freedom is very rare outside of the borders of our great nation.

4. Honor – It is striking to see how little honor there is for things like the military in other countries. Soldiers are despised and ridiculed in other nations. Not here in America! We revere and honor those who have served our country and have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

5. Prosperity – Yes, it’s on my list. The physical and material blessings of our nation are absolutely mind-blowing around the world. Although prosperity brings many distractions and temptations, many of those who bemoan American prosperity do so from their well furnished and and luxurious homes and surroundings (in America).

6. Generosity – This is why American prosperity makes my list. Americans as individuals and America as a nation is THE most generous nation and people on the face of the earth. Check the stats. There is simply no country that is even a close second.

7. Amalgamation – Okay, big word for the list, but you get the idea. America has the awesome ability to combine and unite different ideas, people, opinions, foods and cultures. And what comes out  on the other side? AMERICA. It is truly “the melting pot” and there is no other nation on earth I’d rather be a citizen of than The United States Of America!

Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations today!

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