21 Tests of Effective Leadership

The continued development and training of leadership is one of the things I love the most about being a pastor. It’s a very big part of my responsibilities and I am always looking for resources to help along the way. As a church staff, half of our weekly meeting together is focused on continuing to grow and develop as leaders.

Recently, we finished reading a great book written by a friend of mine, Larry Kreider. I’ve known Larry for many years and we’ve served on a few boards of ministries together. He is a leader with great wisdom and over 40 years of fruitful leadership experience. Larry book, “21 Test Of Effective Leadership” is an awesome tool for personal leadership growth or to use with your leadership team. We covered one test each week as a staff and were always surprised to see how God used the material we studied together as a spring board to test us in over the days shortly after our discussions. If you want to grow as a leader in the Kingdom of God and help your team grow too, I highly recommend Larry Kreider’s book, “21 Tests of Effective Leadership”.

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