I Love My Family

Some people have asked me if I feel like something is missing because I don’t have a son (my wife and I have three daughters). My answer is “NO”. I love my life and I love my family! Although I’m the only male in the house, my wife and my three daughters give me plenty of understanding and space to be a man in a house full of women. In fact, in many ways, I feel like I have it better off because I am the only man in the house. In the autumn, when I’m coaching high school football, the whole family comes out to cheer at all of our home games (and even some of the away ones). The ladies of the house also give me more than my fair share of movie and TV time to watch “guy stuff” and often join me in watching a game or an action movie or historical documentary. I always feel accepted and affirmed in my masculinity (not like and outsider in “girl world”).

The reality of this acceptance was made really clear this past weekend, when we were in Canton, Ohio for a wedding. I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Pro Football Hall Of Fame, and my wife and daughters accompanied me through hall after hall not begrudgingly but with genuine interest and enthusiasm (and took lots of pictures for themselves). It really blessed me so much, that I decided to give each of my girls $25 to spend in the gift shop on souvenirs.There’s no doubt that my girls take their cues from their mother (my awesome wife Susie). She is modeling something for them that will make three young men very happy someday (our future son-in-laws). You see, I believe that I will have three sons one day, I just don’t have to raise them. They’ll be welcomed additions to a family that has already learned how to love, accept and understand a man for who he is.


One thought on “I Love My Family

  1. Really great post, I loved the last paragraph about your wife setting the example for your daughters and the blessings that will bring about in the future. Thanks for the thoughts!

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