5 Things NOT To Do On Monday

Monday is my day off each week. In many ways it’s the calm after the storm of a very busy weekend each week. After being emotionally and spiritually drained over the weekend, it’s an important time for me to recharge. Here are five things I’ve learned to never do on a Monday (day off):

1. Make a BIG decision. It’s amazing the difference in perspective that comes with a Tuesday.

2. Schedule anything before noon. This is out of consideration for others 🙂

3. Check emails. Email has a way of slowly sucking me in to work. Best to go “dark” once a week to disconnect from the work of ministry. Most people will extend a 24 hour grace period.

4. Discuss personal finances as a couple. Another case of considering others (my wife, Susie).

5. Make the bed before 10am. It’s just nice to know it’s an option even if you don’t use it!

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