We all need it, but we rarely make time for it. It’s rooted in creation. God even commanded it as one of his Top Ten (#4) most important commandments in life. What is it? A day of rest. A day to pause. A Sabbath day once every week. In generations past, Sunday was commonly known […]

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5 Things To Do On A Monday

Here’s is my list of the things that I like to do on Monday (my day off), that really helps to recharge my battery for the rest of the week. 1. Spend Time Alone With My Wife. Whether it’s lunch out together, going on a walk around the neighborhood, non-hurried conversation over a cup of […]

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5 Things NOT To Do On Monday

Monday is my day off each week. In many ways it’s the calm after the storm of a very busy weekend each week. After being emotionally and spiritually drained over the weekend, it’s an important time for me to recharge. Here are five things I’ve learned to never do on a Monday (day off): 1. […]

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