After Easter

It’s the Monday after Easter, and even though it’s my day off, I can’t help but write down a few thoughts about the weekend. Between Good Friday and Easter, 888 people attended VALLEY Christian Church over the weekend. Here are some reflections: Good Friday was really special for VALLEY. We had a packed house and […]

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The Sin of Safety

Safety has become one of the highest and most cherished virtues in our culture today. When we were kids, we rode bikes without helmets, drank water out of the ditch, didn’t go to the doctor unless we had a fever for more than two days, didn’t ride in car seats (and rode in the “back […]

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Longing & Love Letters

Yesterday, while studying, I came across this story about Coach John Wooden. Seems like it’s a perfect one to share during the week of Valentine’s Day. Coach John Wooden is the undisputed…best college basketball coach of all time…. But Coach Wooden had his eyes on something other than popular acclaim. [Once when asked about the […]

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