Hanging Up My Whistle

It’s about this time of the year, as Spring starts to slowly make it’s appearance in NY, that the juices start flowing and anticipation builds for workouts and upcoming 7-on-7 competitions all leading up to the start of another high school football season in August. At least that has been the habit for me for […]

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TRUE Friendship

A friend (Randal Langley), sent this to me today. I thought it was great stuff and wanted to share it with you too! -GW True friendship is rare. If you ever get in a bind, have a major failure, or somehow lose your way, you realize how rare true friendship is these days. To me, […]

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Making Peace

A few days ago, a friend of mine pulled me aside and shared with me how angry he was with another one of my friends because he had been slighted. The offense was real and intense. I listened to my friend sharing his feelings and then asked what can I do to help. His response? […]

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Can This Really Be Happening?

As part of our family vacation this year, we stopped in Lynchburg, VA. to visit with some family and also to begin checking out Liberty University as a potential college for our oldest daughter, Michaela. As we toured the campus yesterday, I kept asking myself, “Is this really happening”? Obviously, this time in Michaela’s life […]

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