What Christmas Is All About!

 As the staff of Valley Christian Church, we work really hard. There’s no time of the year we work harder than Christmas, and this Christmas seemed to be the most grueling one of all. There are times in the yearly calendar that are especially ideal for reaching out to unchurched people in the community, and […]

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Thursday Is The New Sunday!

One of the many things I love about VALLEY Christian Church, the church I’ve been blessed to pastor for almost 25 years now, is the commitment of the people in the VALLEY Family to reach our community with innovative approaches that think “outside the box”. Recently, as a church staff, we began to read and […]

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Sharing The Love

This past Sunday, October 27th, we completed our six week, “God Of The Underdogs” campaign at VALLEY Christian Church. It was the first time we’ve had a campaign in the Fall (usually just Spring), so I wanted to take a minute to say ‘Thanks’ to everyone who played a part in making it happen and […]

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Keep It Real Y’All

It’s all too easy to slip into the Christian sub-culture (or Christian Ghetto as I like to call it), and isolate and insulate ourselves from those Christ died to reach, save, forgive and transform. As Christians, we need to make every effort to “Keep It Real” so that we can reach those who do not […]

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5 Things You Can Do For Easter

Here are 5 practical things that we’re encouraging everyone in the VALLEY Christian Church family to do to make Easter amazing this year: 1) Be at one of our three Easter Sunday gatherings at 8:30am, 10:15am or 12:00pm 2) If you’re serving at one of our gatherings, plan on attending an additional one as well, […]

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The Sin of Safety

Safety has become one of the highest and most cherished virtues in our culture today. When we were kids, we rode bikes without helmets, drank water out of the ditch, didn’t go to the doctor unless we had a fever for more than two days, didn’t ride in car seats (and rode in the “back […]

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BIG Excitement About BIG Church

The summer is now officially over (after Labor Day weekend here in NY), the kids are heading back to school and the cool crisp temperatures of Fall are closing in. I am so excited about a new series that we are kicking-off this Sunday at VALLEY Christian Church called, “BIG Church”. Two thousand years ago, […]

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Harnessing Hospitality

Today, we’re hosting the whole football coaching staff (JV & Varsity) of the Lourdes High School football team, (where I coach) over to our house for a good ‘ol Southern Bar-B-Q. When I coached at John Jay High School, we used to host the whole team to a meal at the church each year.  We’ve […]

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