Monday Morning Musings 4/15/13

Sitting here, drinking a piping hot cup of coffee on this Monday morning, my heart is full of gratitude and thanksgiving as I muse about how awesome God is and the blessings He is pouring out on the VALLEY Christian Church Family! It’s absolutely mind-blowing to see God working through our, “What On Earth Am […]

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Life Is Better Connected

“Sir, you wish to serve God and go to heaven? Remember you cannot serve him alone; you must therefore find companions or make them; the Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.” -John Wesley Who are you doing life with? Who really knows you and is helping you carry your burdens? Who is praying for the […]

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Where The Rubber Meets The Road

“I’ve never met a mature Christian, only maturing Christians.” -Bill Hanks Jesus gave his followers a mission that he expected each of us to take seriously and to accomplish: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching […]

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The Most Powerful Sermon

Holy Week will soon be upon us and churches will gear up for the big crowd and look forward to setting a higher attendance record than Easter ’11. With all of the preparations, I find myself wondering if Easter really is the most important Sunday of the year. I’m deeply challenged to present the Gospel […]

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BIG Excitement About BIG Church

The summer is now officially over (after Labor Day weekend here in NY), the kids are heading back to school and the cool crisp temperatures of Fall are closing in. I am so excited about a new series that we are kicking-off this Sunday at VALLEY Christian Church called, “BIG Church”. Two thousand years ago, […]

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The Wonder of Water Baptism

There’s just something incredibly powerful about water baptism! Yesterday, at VALLEY Christian Church, 11 people were baptized for the first time since beginning their relationship with Christ. The atmosphere was electric without a hint of hype. It proved to be one of the biggest crowds of the summer, as many who were baptized invited friends […]

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5 Reasons To Maximize Summer

Typically summer is a slow down period for churches. The reasoning goes something like this: everyone’s in and out on vacation so it’s hard to get much done over the summer. At VALLEY Christian Church, we have looked to maximize summer time over the years, especially when it comes to leadership. Here are 5 reasons […]

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