Thursday Is The New Sunday!

One of the many things I love about VALLEY Christian Church, the church I’ve been blessed to pastor for almost 25 years now, is the commitment of the people in the VALLEY Family to reach our community with innovative approaches that think “outside the box”. Recently, as a church staff, we began to read and […]

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How To Communicate Vision -Part 1

At VALLEY Christian Church, we are rolling out our vision for ministry for the next 10 years. After countless hours of prayer, study and discussion, we began holding a series of gatherings for anyone and everyone who was interested in hearing more. We called these gatherings V3 (A View of VALLEY’s Vision). This post, and […]

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Merry Xmas!

Many Christians get really uptight around Christmas whenever anyone uses the abbreviation “Xmas” instead of writing out, C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S. Often the response is, “I’m keeping CHRIST in CHRISTmas”! Though well meaning, this is said in ignorance (and many times arrogance). “Xmas” is┬áNOT some sort of compromise to pressure making Christmas secular, in fact “Xmas” is as […]

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Relevant? Really?

There’s been a debate going on for about 10 years now in Evangelical churches regarding being “relevant” to culture. Recently, the discussion has pushed the envelope so far as to have some pastors employing profanity while preaching as an act of “being relevant” and connecting to current culture (This is pretty shocking to most reasonable […]

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Today We Remember

We’re setting aside our plans for this Sunday at VALLEY Christian Church to reflect and remember September 1, 2001. Our nation changed that day. We all changed that day. Just yesterday, I was speaking with a friend who was a school teacher for years in NYC. Twenty-six of his former students lost their lives on […]

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