“Low Man Wins”

There is a great coaching adage used in football, “The low man always wins”. This simple statement can/should also be applied to the life of a leader in the church. Spiritual leaders are to exhibit humility and meekness in all that they say and do. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but […]

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The Boys Of Fall

Today is the first day of double session for high school football here in New York. I love coaching football and this will be my 11th season doing what I love in the fall. Football has terms and a whole vocabulary all to itself. It’s literally like a different language. Over the years, I’ve heard […]

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What Is Maturity?

What is maturity? What is the greatest quality of someone who is mature? Does someone who is mature realize they are mature or is it really immature to think you’re mature? These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself lately. The questions arise mainly from the start of another season coaching high school […]

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I Love My Family

Some people have asked me if I feel like something is missing because I don’t have a son (my wife and I have three daughters). My answer is “NO”. I love my life and I love my family! Although I’m the only male in the house, my wife and my three daughters give me plenty […]

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5 Things To Do On A Monday

Here’s is my list of the things that I like to do on Monday (my day off), that really helps to recharge my battery for the rest of the week. 1. Spend Time Alone With My Wife. Whether it’s lunch out together, going on a walk around the neighborhood, non-hurried conversation over a cup of […]

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Why I Coach High School Football

I just got back from a 7-on-7 football competition hosted by one of our area high schools. There were about 10 different high schools represented in the competition, including the high school I graduated from and also coached at for 9 years, John Jay High School. Since leaving to coach at another high school last […]

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