Shepherd or Hireling?

Thursdays are meeting days for the staff of VALLEY Christian Church. It’s the day we spend about 3-4 hours in planning and strategizing each week. Today was one of those amazing days. I find my heart so thankful for the team of pastors in our church. Their heart for Jesus and for his people is […]

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7 Reasons TRUST Is A Must

Trust is an essential element of any team, whether that’s a church staff or a sports team. Here are 7 reasons why TRUST is a must: 1. Trust heightens focus. You can’t focus on the task at hand if you have doubts about the motives of your team mates. 2. Trust creates a positive environment […]

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Letting Go of “EGO”

One of the reasons I love coaching football so much is because it is the ultimate team sport. Most other team sports can be dominated by one outstanding player. It’s very difficult for one person to do that in football; someone else must block, tackle, pass or catch in order for success. As a coaching […]

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