Indecisive Christian Men

WARNING: Indecisive & wishy-washy Christian men may find this post hard to read. Over the years, I’ve found myself in the middle of too many sticky marriage situations as a pastor. These are always very awkward and uncomfortable for the couple but probably the most for the third person in the room, the pastor. It […]

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Life Is Better Connected

“Sir, you wish to serve God and go to heaven? Remember you cannot serve him alone; you must therefore find companions or make them; the Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.” -John Wesley Who are you doing life with? Who really knows you and is helping you carry your burdens? Who is praying for the […]

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You – Shut Your Mouth

Here’s an awesome blog post from James MacDonald for Christian leaders of every kind: “A complex issue for ministry leaders is how to process the incredible amount of feedback that comes from so many sources, both in and outside the church. It falls into some basic levels, regardless of the source: ¬†General input (random and […]

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Beating The Summer Slump

For many Christians, churches and pastors, the summer is generally not seen as a season of spiritual growth. Instead, it’s easy to fall into a summer slump when it comes to spiritual progress. Here are a few suggestions for maximizing these months and beat the summer slump: 1. Read a biography of one of the […]

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Where The Rubber Meets The Road

“I’ve never met a mature Christian, only maturing Christians.” -Bill Hanks Jesus gave his followers a mission that he expected each of us to take seriously and to accomplish: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching […]

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Shepherd or Hireling?

Thursdays are meeting days for the staff of VALLEY Christian Church. It’s the day we spend about 3-4 hours in planning and strategizing each week. Today was one of those amazing days. I find my heart so thankful for the team of pastors in our church. Their heart for Jesus and for his people is […]

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You and Your Whole Household

What an amazing day yesterday for VALLEY Christian Church. We’re in week six of our REAL Marriage campaign and God continues to shower blessings upon our church. Not only do we continue to hear incredible stories of God healing and restoring broken marriages, but we also baptized 36 followers of Jesus Christ last night! This […]

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After Easter

It’s the Monday after Easter, and even though it’s my day off, I can’t help but write down a few thoughts about the weekend. Between Good Friday and Easter, 888 people attended VALLEY Christian Church over the weekend. Here are some reflections: Good Friday was really special for VALLEY. We had a packed house and […]

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