You Never Marry The Right Person

Never before have I read a single article containing so much truth about marriage while uncovering cultural presuppositions that are ruining marriages today. Tim Keller‘s article is a “Must Read” for every married person (and those who might some day be). You can read this insightful and practical article “You Never Marry The Right Person” […]

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Marriage Q&A

Really excited about another Marriage Matters gathering tonight at VALLEY Christian Church. This time, we’ve fielded questions for the last week or so online and my wife, Susie and I, are prepping Biblical and practical answers both from our own 23 years of marriage as well as two decades of pastoring. Here’s a sample of […]

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Oh, Those College Days!

In just a few short weeks, we will drop off our oldest daughter, Michaela at Liberty University to continue to  pursue God’s plan for her life. For those parents with kids who will soon be college age, you owe it to yourself and your student to make LU one of the stops on your college […]

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Letting Go

Tomorrow is a HUGE day in the life of my family and for me personally as a father. My wife and I (along with other family members) will watch our oldest daughter, Michaela, walk across a stage and graduate from Lourdes High School. The last few weeks and months have been a confluence of many […]

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