Sharing The Love

This past Sunday, October 27th, we completed our six week, “God Of The Underdogs” campaign at VALLEY Christian Church. It was the first time we’ve had a campaign in the Fall (usually just Spring), so I wanted to take a minute to say ‘Thanks’ to everyone who played a part in making it happen and […]

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Monday Morning Musings 4/15/13

Sitting here, drinking a piping hot cup of coffee on this Monday morning, my heart is full of gratitude and thanksgiving as I muse about how awesome God is and the blessings He is pouring out on the VALLEY Christian Church Family! It’s absolutely mind-blowing to see God working through our, “What On Earth Am […]

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Great Expectations

The famous missionary to India, William Carey once said, “Expect great things; attempt great things.” This weekend, at VALLEY Christian Church, we will kick-off our “What On Earth Am I Here For” campaign and we’re pulling out all the stops to reach as many people as possible with this important message. After “casting the net” […]

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5 Things You Can Do For Easter

Here are 5 practical things that we’re encouraging everyone in the VALLEY Christian Church family to do to make Easter amazing this year: 1) Be at one of our three Easter Sunday gatherings at 8:30am, 10:15am or 12:00pm 2) If you’re serving at one of our gatherings, plan on attending an additional one as well, […]

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Relevant? Really?

There’s been a debate going on for about 10 years now in Evangelical churches regarding being “relevant” to culture. Recently, the discussion has pushed the envelope so far as to have some pastors employing profanity while preaching as an act of “being relevant” and connecting to current culture (This is pretty shocking to most reasonable […]

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