What Christmas Is All About!

 As the staff of Valley Christian Church, we work really hard. There’s no time of the year we work harder than Christmas, and this Christmas seemed to be the most grueling one of all. There are times in the yearly calendar that are especially ideal for reaching out to unchurched people in the community, and Christmas is definitely one of those times. So, since late September, we began to meticulously plan and strategize how to maximize the season to make for a truly Merry Christmas. We committed to do ALL that we could do, and then trust God to do what ONLY He could do.

After all the preparations had been made, we gathered as a staff, to pray in the auditorium, just a couple of days before Christmas Eve. First, we prayed that the Lord would bless every church in our community, that many would attend Christmas Eve services in our community that normally don’t attend church and that many would receive Christ, for the first time on Christmas Eve.

Then we trusted God to do what only He could do . . . and He did!

Yes, the crowd in our Christmas Eve services was huge (1,083 people in all), but what was so much more incredible than that was . . .

48 people received Christ for the first time!

That is not an estimated number. Forty-eight people actually filled out cards indicating they were receiving Jesus Christ for the first time, on Christmas Eve in our services!

God truly blew our minds on Christmas Eve and it really made it the BEST Christmas ever, for me as Lead Pastor of Valley Christian Church! My heartfelt thanks goes out to every volunteer who served to make Christmas Eve such an incredible night and to our church staff for all of their tireless effort. I know an ETERNAL difference was made in the lives of 48 people, as a result of Christmas at Valley and receiving the Prince of Peace.

After all, that’s what Christmas is all about!

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