Day of Destiny

Sometimes when we hear other Christians talk, it sounds like they have a direct line with our Heavenly Father, always knowing with perfect clarity what His will is, but for me, more times than not, I find myself “stumbling into my destiny”. This past Tuesday night, April 21st, was the culmination of another one of those “stumblings” in my life. It was a Day of Destiny!

Dr. Ron Cottle has been my Spiritual Father in ministry for over 15 years now. Over that time, I have benefited from his wisdom, guidance, teaching, input and friendship. He has believed in me, often times when I didn’t believe in myself, and encouraged me to become the man who God created me to be. Several times over the last few years, he has asked me to prayerfully consider accepting the responsibility of President of Acts Global Network, a network of networks and ministers, established by Dr. Cottle in 2006. Each time he asked me, I graciously declined, knowing that it would be necessary for me to relocate my family to Georgia. But a little over a year ago, he called and we discussed this tremendous opportunity again, this time with the new understanding, that by leveraging current technology, I could continue as Lead Pastor of  Valley Christian Church in NY while at the same time, serving as President of Acts Global Network. This opportunity was a classic case of “having my cake and eating it too” for me! So after prayer and discussion with my wife Susie, I accepted.

April 21st in Atlanta, at the annual Acts Global Network conference, the transition became official. I was blessed beyond words, by all that The Lord did over the two days of the conference, culminating in the official transition ceremony on Tuesday night. It was such an honor to have my family (Father, step-mother, and brothers who live in the Atlanta area) present for this monumental moment in my life, as well as a majority of the staff of Valley Christian Church!

Dr. Cottle and his wife Joanne have placed in my hands a incredible spiritual inheritance in Acts Global Network, which is already making a significant impact around the world. At the same time, I am keenly aware, “The legacy we leave is even more important than the inheritance we receive”. With this truth in mind, I am excited about the future of Valley Christian Church and the adventure that lies ahead, leading Acts Global Network into this new season! I want to thank the Valley Family for their love and prayers over this past week. They were felt and deeply appreciated. I would also like to thank everyone in the Acts Global Family for their outpouring of love and support in Atlanta this week. I am committed to serve and lead you well, while following hard after Jesus Christ. Most of all, words seem to fall short, in expressing my love and thanks to Dr. Cottle and Joanne for believing in me and trusting me. I am determined to build upon the solid foundation you have established in Acts Global Network, and to expand your legacy in even greater measure around the world!

To God be the Glory!

-Greg Williamson

2 thoughts on “Day of Destiny

  1. Pastor Williamson: I have been to Valley Christian 3 times now and have enjoyed it very much. Growing up Catholic it always puzzled me Why the Bible was never used during the mass or that the scriptures where never discussed. I have always wanted to read the Bible , but not only read it but to understand it. I like that the scriptures are part of the sermon at Valley Christian Church. Pastor with all do respect and I do apologize cause I mean no respect, but could you tell me why the Eucharist is not part of the Sermon at Valley Christian Church? I thank you for your Sermons and look forward to many more sermons. Thank You, Carmela Lauria

    1. Thanks for the feedback Carmela. Here’s a helpful explanation of the difference between a Catholic and a Protestant church:

      “Roman Catholics embrace mystery, hierarchy, rituals, liturgy, structure, and more symbolic actions in worship. Protestants, on the other hand, developed worship services that are plain and straightforward, focusing on Scripture.

      For Catholics, the focus of the Mass is the Eucharist or Holy Communion. For Protestants, the central moment of worship comes with the sermon—when the minister stands to preach from the Bible.12

      Admittedly, the above is a generalization for the sake of clarity and simplicity. Nevertheless, a typical evangelical Protestant worship service today could consist almost entirely of singing modern songs with modern instruments in an auditorium with few religious symbols. But a Catholic service will likely contain numerous elements that are complex, elaborate, and deeply meaningful to participants.”

      – See more at:

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