Kiev Here We Come

kiev_ukraineToday we leave out on a ministry trip to Kiev, Ukraine. We are excited to reunite with so many friends we have made there through the years. Prayer is always such an important part of any trip like this. For those who would like to support us in prayer, here is a little list of prayer points for our upcoming trip:

1. Pray for our friend, Dr. Randal Langley as he teaches his course that both he and the translator will be able to communicate clearly

2. Pray for all our meetings with the pastors and leaders.

3. Pray for direction and clarity in the decisions concerning the translation of the new CLST (Christian Life School of Theology) courses.

3. Pray for the Jewish congregations. We may be meeting with some of the leaders of Jewish Messianic Congregations about starting CLST campuses.

4. Pray for health as we will be eating unfamiliar foods in unusual places.

5. Pray for wisdom in the decisions that we will be making concerning the future development of CLST.

6. Safe and uneventful travel.

We so appreciate your prayers!!

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