Sharing The Love

UnderdogsThis past Sunday, October 27th, we completed our six week, “God Of The Underdogs” campaign at VALLEY Christian Church. It was the first time we’ve had a campaign in the Fall (usually just Spring), so I wanted to take a minute to say ‘Thanks’ to everyone who played a part in making it happen and to ‘share the love’ for all the amazing things God did in and through the VALLEY Family during the campaign:

1. Attendance: Our average weekly attendance was 702, that a 19% increase versus our pre-campaign attendance!

2. New Guest: We welcomed 118 1st-Time Guest to Valley during our six week campaign. That’s an average of 20 per week, making the “God of the Underdogs” Campaign our most effective campaign in reaching our community ever!

3. 40 Days of Prayer: We had 137 people participate in our pre-campaign 40 Days of Prayer, totaling 457 hours of prayer or 19 days of non-stop continuous prayer for our “God of the Underdogs” Campaign (and clearly saw the results)!

4. Salvations: 8 people received Christ as their Savior for the first time, continuing the trend of 1 salvation on average, per week since January ’13 (43 this year)!

5. Baptisms: 28 NEW Christ-Followers baptized during campaign, 57 total for the year (54 in 2012)!

As you can see, we have a lot to give God glory for as a result of “God of the Underdogs”. I personally want to thank everyone who played a part in making “Underdogs” such a huge Kingdom success. I continue to be humbled and amazed by God and His work in the VALLEY Family! Praise goes to Him and thanks goes to each of you for all that you do “Living for Jesus Christ” and sharing His love with so many in our community!

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