I’m Back

i_m_back-4306_400x210It’s great to be back HOME in NY after some time away on vacation. Here are some random thoughts swirling through my mind today as I’ve hit the ground running:

  • It always gives me perspective returning to Georgia (where I was born) and spending time with extended family. This time, we even went to the cemetery to visit not only my mother’s grave but also my grandparents and great-grandparents. Although it’s tough, it gives me and our children a sense of family history and legacy. As thankful as I am for the legacy I’ve received, I realize it’s not nearly as important as the legacy I leave for my children and someday grandchildren. Lord, give me your grace to fulfill every plan you’ve purposed for me in this life you have given me!
  • Our Samson series starting this week is going to be POWERFUL! I’ve been looking for the right time to share this series for literally years, and this seems like the time is now. Why and how do those who seem so strong often fall in the face of weakness and temptation? We’ll find out together, over the next four weeks (Beginning Sunday July 21st). This will be a great and practical series to invite your unchurched friends and family to, so let’s make the most of this opportunity VALLEY Family
  • Men, let’s “Bring it in” this Saturday at our next “Coach ‘Em Up” Men’s Breakfast. We’ll have another incredible breakfast together, then I’ll do another Chalk Talk and break down another important passage of Scripture from God’s Playbook that will help each of us to become the men He created us to be. Make sure to sign-up so we know how much BACON needs to be cooked up for all us hungry fellows!
  • What’s on your summer playlist? I’m looking forward to sharing mine, and also to a whole lot of fun we have planned, when we finish out the summer of ’13 with VALLEY’s very own “Summer Playlist” series kicking-off August 18th!

It’s awesome to see all that God is doing through The VALLEY Family over the summer of ’13. I can’t wait to worship with my Church Family again this week! See you there!

One thought on “I’m Back

  1. Josh did an incredible job of preaching and teaching !! We are so blessed to have such awesome men to lead us . May God continue to bless you all.

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