3 Guiding Principles to Live On Mission

Catalyst_logoA couple of weeks ago, I attended the Catalyst conference in Dallas, Texas with four other members of the church staff of VALLEY Christian Church. While there, we heard some incredibly challenging, insightful and thought provoking messages. Below are some of my notes from a lab given by Matt Carter, pastor of The Austin Stone Community Church.

1. To be an effective missional leader you have to call people to be more in love with their savior than their mission.
“If you love your mission more than you love your Savior,  your Savior will say “I’m not going to be there anymore”. (See Revelation 2:1-5)

2. As a missional leader, you’re the one who moves people with the urgency of the Great Commission.

3. A missional leader is someone who leads their people to be an agent of transformation in whatever context they are in.

There are 4  kinds of churches today:

1. Against the city
2. In the city
3. With the city
4. For the city (Charles H. Spurgeon)

If your church closed its doors today, would your city grieve?

Recast the vision every year. Air war & ground war.

Give people more than a handout but a hand up!

Vision bleeds (will wear out & fade over time), if passion for Jesus is not 1st priority!

I’m still enjoying “chewing” on much of what we heard and experienced at Catalyst. Maybe I’ll post some more notes from this great conference in the days/weeks to come.

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