The Call Is For You – Prayer

WOE_Website_TransYesterday at VALLEY Christian Church, we kicked-off our “What On Earth Are You Here For” Spring campaign. At the conclusion of the message I closed in a prayer that I read in each of our three services. A number of people asked me if I could make the prayer available in some format, so here it is below:

“Heavenly Father, Thank you that you created me, that I’m not an accident. Thank you that I’ve been in your care, even before I was born. Thank you that you didn’t just create me, but you have called me. You have a purpose and assignment for my life. I’m not here just to waste time. Thank you that you’ve called me to your purpose. I want your plan not mine. Thank you that that plan began at the moment of my birth, and even though I’ve made many mistakes and sinned a lot, and other people have hurt me, it hasn’t changed my call one bit. Thank you that my calling is permanent. And I realize today, that I cannot fulfill my purpose disconnected. I need to be connected to others, in you Body, in your family, with the same Spirit, with the same calling. I thank you Lord, that you’ve promised to give me the power to do what you’ve asked me to do. That you won’t ask me to do something, that you won’t empower me and strengthen me to do. Lord, I want that prize in life. I want to live for that prize the rest of my life, that one day I would share in your glory with you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

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