What About Now?

In our church staff meeting on November 1st, I tried to prepare the staff at VALLEY Christian Church, for the aftermath of the Presidential election that would take place the following Tuesday. We talked about the possible outcomes and how Christians across the political spectrum might react, respond and also FREAK OUT depending on who won the election.

Since the election, we have been very surprised to see the reaction has been more of the FREAK OUT mode than any other (This is not specifically in our church, but with other Christian friends we all have). With that in mind, I’d like to share an incredibly insightful and Biblical post I came across yesterday that I believe EVERY Christian should read, whether they are elated or despairing by the result of the election.

To My Elated and Despairing Post-Election Friends

Thank you Scott Sauls for taking the time to write this. I believe you have helped many!

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