We all need it, but we rarely make time for it. It’s rooted in creation. God even commanded it as one of his Top Ten (#4) most important commandments in life. What is it?

A day of rest.

A day to pause. A Sabbath day once every week. In generations past, Sunday was commonly known as, “The Lord’s Day“. In our current culture, He hardly gets a couple of hours a week, much less a whole day. This is what’s on my mind today, Monday (My Sabbath), as I recognize my need to recover from the toughest day of work for me each week, Sunday. Because I’m a pastor, Monday is my day of rest, my day to be replenished and refreshed, my day to pause and focus on connecting with Christ and charge my “spiritual battery” for all that will await me in the week to come. As much as I try to show God that I don’t need to rest, it seems like I really can’t beat the wisdom He has given through this practical commandment. Over the long haul, as His creation, it’s tough to prove I know better than He, what I really need to live a productive and healthy physical and spiritual life. So, here I am on my day of rest, thanking Him for all his goodness and blessings in my life and confessing to everyone reading this, God really does know what’s best for me (and you too).

Make sure to plan a day to pause over your next seven. I’ve found it makes all the difference.

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