My New Mantra, “Faith, Focus, Finish”

This morning I heard the story about Manteo Mitchell of the USA 4x400m men’s Olympic relay team. To say it was inspirational in an understatement. Mitchell broke his leg while running his part of the qualifying relay yesterday and still finished (read the full story HERE)! When Mitchell was interviewed after the race, he was asked how he was able to finish running on a BROKEN LEG. His answer, three words kept repeating in his head, “Faith, Focus, Finish“!

Since hearing these three powerful words, I’ve decided to adopt them as my new mantra for life.

FAITH – This means keeping Jesus Christ as the center of everything I do and say. He cannot play a role in my life, he MUST be the star of the show!

FOCUS – Too many Christians focus on the storms of life and not on the Savior. Have you ever met a Christian who anticipates, and even looks for the next storm, rather than looking to the one who calms the storm, JESUS? I have, and it is a sad and miserable existence. To merely survive, is living below God’s plan for our lives. God wants his children to THRIVE (even in the midst of storms), walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. A friend of mine wrote an incredible song called, “My Eyes Are On You” about this very thing. You can check it out HERE.

FINISH – Quitting rarely ever accomplishes anything good in life. Faithfulness and patience are part of the Fruit of the Spirit that God’s longs to develop in every Christians life. Quitters never allow God to develop his character in there lives. There is incredible truth in the old saying, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish”.

So, this is my new mantra for life. Simple and yet powerfully profound. What’s your mantra for your life with Christ? How strong is your faith in him? Where’s your focus? Are you a quitter or a finisher?

Thanks Manteo Mitchell, for your courage and simple eloquence!

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