You – Shut Your Mouth

Here’s an awesome blog post from James MacDonald for Christian leaders of every kind:

“A complex issue for ministry leaders is how to process the incredible amount of feedback that comes from so many sources, both in and outside the church. It falls into some basic levels, regardless of the source:

  •  General input (random and one time)
  •  Persistent input (continuous on many topics, not always negative)
  •  Irreconcilable disagreement without sin (Paul and Barnabas)
  •  Constructive criticism (always negative, but goal is helping)
  •  Destructive criticism (always negative, with goal to wound)
  •  Harsh unjust criticism (intended to tear down)
  •  Personal attack and character assassination (intended to destroy)

The further what you’re facing is down that list, the more this article is intended to guide you. Part of the puzzle in processing feedback requires evaluation of the person who brings it (let’s save that for another post).”

Read the rest of this insightful article chock-full of Biblical wisdom HERE!

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