Beating The Summer Slump

For many Christians, churches and pastors, the summer is generally not seen as a season of spiritual growth. Instead, it’s easy to fall into a summer slump when it comes to spiritual progress. Here are a few suggestions for maximizing these months and beat the summer slump:

1. Read a biography of one of the great heroes of the Christian faith. Let their lives challenge and inspire you.

2. Change up your daily devotional schedule to a different time or place. Take advantage of the warm (and hot) weather to glorify God in the great outdoors he created for us to enjoy.

3. Focus on developing or deepening a spiritual friendship with someone you only know casually. Ask them their story then take time to listen.

4. Adjust your current exercise routine (are start one). It’s amazing how physical exertion will helps a person out of a spiritual rut.

5. Discover a new opportunity to serve others in an environment that doesn’t provide any reward to you for serving (except the joy of serving). Summer slumps are often the result of summer self-centeredness. Nothing cures self-centeredness like selflessness.

What are some ideas you would add to this list that have helped you break out of a summer slump?


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