Shepherd or Hireling?

Thursdays are meeting days for the staff of VALLEY Christian Church. It’s the day we spend about 3-4 hours in planning and strategizing each week. Today was one of those amazing days. I find my heart so thankful for the team of pastors in our church. Their heart for Jesus and for his people is truly humbling to witness.

After our meetings, I’ve been able to spend some time reflecting and listening to some other Christian leaders discuss the difference between a shepherd or a hireling in the church (read some for yourself HERE, HERE, and HERE). Listening to these leaders has brought me back once again to the heart of the men and women on staff that are truly SHEPHERDS at VALLEY!

Thanks so much, Susie, Josh, Nnamdi, Karen and Bob (Tommy and Jasmine too). You each bless and enrich my life every day as we serve Christ side-by-side.

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