Mind Blowing

Yesterday, was completely mind blowing for me, watching what God did in VALLEY Christian Church. Here a few reasons why:

1. Last week I invited three buddies of mine to church that I know through coaching football. They don’t attend church regularly, and as I prepared for the message, “Man Up!” they came to mind,  and I thought they’d really connect with the message. Two out of three of my friends attended and really loved it. One offered up, that he’ll be attending weekly from now on! God is awesome!!!

2. We had another huge day, as far as first-time guest at VALLEY. Eight families visited with us for the first time. The excitement and energy that comes by seeing people connecting with Christ is just incomparable to anything else in life! Our attendance was back up close to 600 (583 to be exact). The significance of that number was honestly lost on me, until one of the other pastors on staff pointed out that 583 was our Easter attendance in 2011. We also averaged 615 a week in attendance in April! WOW!!!

3. Last night, 101 adults completed our first Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey. The last 10 weeks have felt like a Sunday PM gathering for VALLEY. We’ve all experienced a huge paradigm shift in our thinking on financial matters and it will have a big impact on each of our family trees. A big “Thanks” go to Nnamdi Oparanozie who did a great job organizing and leading our class.

4. We continue to receive numerous stories, almost on a daily basis, of marriages that were on the brink of divorce that God is bringing real hope and real transformation as a result of our REAL Marriage campaign.

God is pouring out his grace upon The VALLEY Family during this season, and He is blowing my mind just as much as everyone else’s. Even though it’s Monday (my day off), I find myself eager for next Sunday already. With Christ, life is always anything but boring!

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