A Genuine Leader

“A genuine leader is not a seeker of consensus, but a molder of consensus.”

I heard this quote a couple of weeks ago on a TV show (Blue Bloods) and have been pondering it every since. There’s a lot of truth to it, which leads to a bigger question, “How does a genuine leader mold consensus”? Considering the rich examples of leadership in the Bible, here’s what I came up with. Even though these are based on Scripture, it seems like these principals may be applied inside and outside of the church for leadership.

Listen – This is a “dual antennae”. Listening to God and listening to what those you are leading are struggling with, asking or talking about. What is the need or issue?

Understand – It is not just what you hear, but what does it mean. If a leader fails to understand, no decision or action after this will succeed.

Study/Prepare – This is the stuff of leadership. Every good leader takes multiplied more time in preparation than in presentation. Most weak leaders are lazy in their preparation and doom their plan before it is ever attempted.

Connect – No one likes something being forced upon them. Take time to connect on a personal level before presenting the plan or idea or action.

Present – Make sure your presentation is made with excellence. Quality communicates value and commitment to the listener.

Persuade – This is the point weak leaders generally overlook completely. Ask for questions. Answer questions clearly and completely. Consider suggestions from others and implement or make changes that are prudent. It is at this point the “buy in” comes from the larger group you are leading. They feel heard, understood, connected to and excited about the new plan or idea (that you actually molded for them).

Execute – Plans mean nothing unless they are met with action and follow-through. Assign responsibilities, communicate expectations and create “mile-markers” along the way to ensure progress. In short, “Lead Leader Lead“!!!

One thought on “A Genuine Leader

  1. I have been pondering the same quote since that episode of Blue Bloods aired. I stumbled on your blog looking for thoughts on the phrase as well. It is credited to Martin Luther King, Jr. I was pleasantly surprised to find your Christian take on the topic of leadership. Thank you

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