After Easter

It’s the Monday after Easter, and even though it’s my day off, I can’t help but write down a few thoughts about the weekend. Between Good Friday and Easter, 888 people attended VALLEY Christian Church over the weekend. Here are some reflections:

Good Friday was really special for VALLEY. We had a packed house and it was amazing to see so many new faces in the crowd. Thoughts of two services next year are already being kicked around. There’s just something about focusing on the cross of Christ that makes Resurrection Sunday all the more meaningful. Remember, “He Did It For Us!” Interesting to see many Evangelical churches around the country beginning to have Good Friday services. We’ve had one for over 10 years now, I guess VALLEY is a trend setter 🙂

Saturday, a team of volunteers were out early setting up for the start of our Real Marriage campaign that kicks of April 15th. Look for signs and a lot more while you’re out and about this week, as we blitz our community to get the word out! Thanks for all the hard work Real Marriage Campaign Team!

Easter, was another record breaking day or VALLEY as we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, “Just As He Said“. We had 615 in attendance and were flooded with friends and family experiencing VALLEY for the first time. It was mind blowing to have a translator in our Fireside Room for some first-time guests who needed translation from English to Spanish. They said they would be back next week, even with the language issue because they felt such peace, love and God’s presence while at VALLEY. One of the things I love about Easter at VALLEY is the fact that we just do what we do every week; be who we are. It’s been said, “Whatever it takes to catch people is what it takes to keep people”. If that’s the case, all those returning next Sunday for our gatherings at VALLEY will once again experience what they did on Easter (as well as week in and week in our gatherings).

Thanks to the MANY volunteers (100+) who served Jesus by serving VALLEY this week! There is no way we could have done it without each and every one of you! The best is yet to come!

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