Plan, Prepare, Expect to Win

You work, you sweat, you sacrifice and then the day arrives. It all pays off and you know that despite all that you put into it, the sum is so much greater than the total of the parts. That’s what’s on my mind lately. At VALLEY Christian Church, we have a dream that God put in our hearts and we’ve been planning and preparing behind the scenes for it for months.

The dream that God has placed in our hearts is “to do all we can to change the divorce rate in our community“. Just like the community you live in, and everywhere across our country, the divorce rate in our community is about 51%. We want to do something about that. As a church, we believe, we have to do something about that! We want to put a significant dent in that number! So we’ve got big plans, months of preparation, weeks of prayer and high expectations as we set out to change marriages in our community.

All of the planning, preparing and praying will culminate over ten weeks as we launch a Sunday message series running from April 15th – June 17th. For ten weeks, what the Bible says about men, women and marriage will be central to everything going on in our church, as we engage family, friends and neighbors to lend a hand to help their marriages go from good to great. This series will also be incredibly helpful for singles as well. We’re going to discover not only practical things to look for in a future spouse, but also how to improve yourself to become that man or woman someone else is looking for.

One thing is for sure, this won’t be your average sermon series on marriage! We won’t give you five steps to happiness. We won’t talk about sex in code. We won’t talk about how you can fix your marriage. No, this is a sermon series about Jesus—and what he has to say about marriage through the Bible. This isn’t to say it won’t be practical. It will. We’ll cover important topics like friendship, the role of men and women in marriage, how to fight to the glory of God, past sin and present—and yes, sex. But the basis for all these topics will be the gospel, as it is for all of life.

So join us, as we pray that this God-sized dream that’s been given to us, and all of our planning and preparation (we’ve only got 5 more weeks to kick-off), will be met with expectations fulfilled as we stop trying to fix our marriages and start understanding how Jesus can!

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