7 Responsibilities of a Senior Ministry Leader

Last week, I was asked to sit on a panel of leaders from around the country to discuss “7 Responsibilities of a Senior Leader“. Below is the list that I shared with those in attendance.

1. My Marriage – According to Ephesians 5, Christian marriage is to model the relationship of Christ and the Church. As a senior leader, my marriage will never be perfect, but it should serve as an example that others not only should follow, but want to follow. The marriage of a senior leader cannot be sacrificed on the altar of ministry, this does damage to the cause of Christ in the world today.

2. My Children – Parenting is the first line of disciple making for a leader. If a leader cannot disciple their own children, there is no reason to believe that they will be effective in making disciples of anyone else.

3. Prayer – This is the unseen responsibility of the senior leader. Through prayer, a leaders life is continually molded and shaped by God. The Holy Spirit will teach, correct and direct the heart of the leader in times of daily personal prayer. I’ve never seen a minister fail morally in ministry who had a growing daily life of prayer!

4. Preaching – Acts 6:2 makes it clear that preaching is the main way that a senior leader serves those he is responsible for. A leader who is reluctant or shrinks back from embracing this as the “lion share” of their visible responsibility, should consider if he has, indeed been called to be a senior leader. (Also see 2 Timothy 4:1-3)

5. Identify new leaders/develop existing leaders   Investing in training and resources other leaders allows for further delegation and more to be involved with carrying the burden of and sharing the joy and victories of ministry.

6. Newcomers – It’s important to allow those who are new to our church some “face time” with the Senior Pastor. It’s during this time that I can help them to begin to connect with other leaders and ministries in our church.

7. Observe the work/rest cycle of the staff – A well rested staff will be more productive for the Kingdom of God than one that is burnt out. Jesus regularly removed himself from the crowd for times of rest and refreshing. We must model this and expect it from those we lead as well.

What would you add to the list? What would you change from the list?

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