Elephant Room Highlights

I had an awesome day yesterday with Josh Brossia, Nnamdi Oparanozie and Tommy Niblack at the simulcast of Elephant Room in New Jersey. We’re all still process the incredible insights and wisdom that was shared in the eight sessions. Here are a few of the highlights that hit home with me:

  • “The character and caliber of a leader is more important than the denomination or network they are a part of.”
  • “What we forget about the Gospel is the urgency. Hell is forever! We don’t control the clock or the calendar. Please don’t be casual about eternal matters.”
  • “Don’t cloud the cross of Christ. It’s eloquent enough. Point people to Jesus. He’s powerful enough to save the lost.”
  • “My capability is not equal to my calling. My capacity is not equal to my ministry.”
  • “Don’t do the ministry and miss the moment.”
  • “My identity is not my ministry.”
  • “The Devil cannot steal my marriage from me. He has no authority for that. He will try to steal the joy from my marriage and then I’ll quit it myself.”
  • “We serve a God who challenges us to be uncomfortable.”
  • “A man will often grow silent about his marriage before his marriage goes south.”
  • “I have never met anyone who has fallen morally who was consistent in their time in the Scripture and prayer with the Lord.”
  • “The Spiritual responsibility of leadership is holiness and character. And character always counts.”

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