The Elephant Room -Round 2

I am so excited to attend “The Elephant Room” this Wednesday (1/25) in New Jersey by way of simulcast. I’ll be traveling with my Executive Pastor (Josh Brossia), who introduced me to The Elephant Room last year. We have watched, re-watched and watched again the DVD from the first Elephant Room, used them for leadership training, and now we’re going to be able to be a part of Round 2. I’m sure my future blog posts will be influenced by what we experience over those 7 hours coming up on Wednesday.

Check out more info on The Elephant Room – Round 2. View a detailed description of the topics to be covered HERE.

Of all the topics to be covered, here’s the one that peeks my curiosity the most this year:

“Can’t Buy Me Love,” Steven Furtick and Crawford Loritts, moderated by James MacDonald

What elements must accompany a faithful presentation of the gospel? What can a pastor do to ensure that others in his ministry are presenting the gospel in all its fullness? What are some ways you have seen decisions for Christ effectively acknowledged? What responsibilities does the preacher have to lead people in a public response to the gospel? When have we oversimplified or made the gospel formulaic? When have we made the gospel too complicated, and demanded more in our evangelism than the Scriptures do?

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