Feeling Like a VIP

Last weekend, three buddies and I went down to Dallas, Texas to see the Cowboys play the Giants. We’re all Cowboy fans, so for us this was the culmination of a long held dream trip. On Sunday, we were very excited to attend Fellowship Church (in Grapevine), where Ed Young Jr. pastors.

From the time we drove on to the campus, to the time we drove away, we were made to feel like VIPs in every sense! The effort, forethought and planning that is behind a first-time guest experience at Fellowship Church was obvious, genuine and powerful. We left knowing we were VIPs and felt like we had made 15-20 friends in less than an hour church service. At VALLEY Christian Church (where I pastor), we’ve done much to connect with first-time guests, but truth is, after experiencing Fellowship Church, there’s a lot we all can do to make them feel like VIPs.

The thing that impressed me the most was, it really doesn’t take added expenses to the budget. Our experience was great because of the attitude of the people we met, not the sound, lighting or technology. Many churches shoot for the “Wow Factor” and struggle with the “Warm Factor”. Fellowship Church powerfully demonstrates both.

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers at Fellowship Church! Our visit was memorable, powerful and inspirational!

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