Jumping on the Tebow Bandwagon

Yesterday, I watched the whole Bronco/Viking game and I’ve decided it’s time for me to jump on the Tim Tebow bandwagon. What he’s doing in the NFL is amazing & he’s making a lot of “analysts” look downright stupid. In a day when so many daily sports stories are shocking and disheartening, Tim Tebow should be applauded & trumpeted even if you’re not a Denver Bronco fan.

When Tebow was a Florida Gator, it was unthinkable for me to root for him, as a Georgia Bulldog fan. The truth is, I still needed convincing until watching him yesterday and hearing what Terry Bradshaw said about him on the pregame show (“He’s just a fullback playing QB”). Bradshaw’s statement demonstrates how irrational people can become on the subject of Tebow. He did win the Heisman Trophy (first sophomore in history). He did play quarterback on two National Championship Florida Gator teams (and holds too many college football records to even begin to list here) and he has brought the Broncos out of the ashes into first place where they sit today (12/5/11).

Sure, I know that a lot of “experts” site his arm angle and release speed as strikes against him. I get that, I’ve coached high school QB’s for 11 years (and was one myself). That being said, he made some crazy good throws yesterday. As far as the stats go; the stats that are always the most important for a QB or wins and 3rd down conversion percentage. He’s got the “W’s” (6 in the last 7 games) and is improving each week on 3rd down. All the while, this is only half of the Tebow story!

Tim Tebow’s public, living out of his faith in Christ before a watching world is almost unparalleled in sports, and he actually backs his words up with his life. If you don’t know Tebow’s story, you can find it at TimTebow.com and here.

Although I’m not a Bronco fan (Go COWBOYS), I’m making it official right here and now:

“I am a huge Tim Tebow fan and I’ll do all I can to encourage others to join me by jumping on the bandwagon”. Including writing a post about it 🙂

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