New Message Series

We are really gearing up at VALLEY Christian Church for a new series called “Catholic Questions”. Living in the Northeast, this series will be incredibly relevant in the community in which we live.

What is “original sin”? How do I do penance? Is purgatory real? What do you believe about the “Holy Orders”? Can I pray to Mary and the Saints? What do you believe about baptism? Why don’t we take communion every week? There are a lot of “Catholic Questions” that people have when they first experience a Protestant church. We’re going to tackle some of those FAQs to help you, your friends and family understand what we have in common and what makes VALLEY Christian Church (as a Protestant church) different, compared to Roman Catholic churches. This message series promises to be informative and inspirational, so go ahead and invite friends and family to better understand your faith and church family.

Scripture or Tradition? Is my faith based on the Scripture or the traditions of man?

Faith or Works? Am I saved by faith alone? What about sacraments, good deeds, and other stuff I do for God?

Paradise or Purgatory? When it comes to the hereafter, is heaven now or later? What should I expect in the afterlife?

Pastor or Priest? What’s the difference between a Priest and a Pastor? What does the Scripture model for leadership in the church?

Lord’s Supper or Eucharist? Is the sacrifice of the Mass necessary to be saved? Or is The Lord’s Supper a sign of sins forgiven “once for all”?

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