Letting Go of “EGO”

One of the reasons I love coaching football so much is because it is the ultimate team sport. Most other team sports can be dominated by one outstanding player. It’s very difficult for one person to do that in football; someone else must block, tackle, pass or catch in order for success.

As a coaching staff, we try to build a team mindset in our players. The word “team” has often be used as an acronym for “Together Everyone Achieves More”. The use of this acronym helps players easily understand what “team” is really all about. One of my fellow coaches was sharing with our team this year; the need to put our egos aside for the sake of the success of the team. Then he asked the team if they knew what “ego” stood for. All of the players looked at him with the same bewildered expression the rest of the coaching staff did. Then he shared this bit of wisdom; “EGO stands for ‘Easing God Out‘”! How great is that???

Not only do football teams need to let go of “EGO” in order to be successful, but so do ministry teams in churches. When individuals are preoccupied with who get the credit, who gets to be up front and their own preciousness, the team will loses. God’s plan and dream for your church will never be realized and the whole team will experience frustration more than the exhilaration of seeing Kingdom fruit come to fruition. I am truly blessed with an amazing “TEAM” in every sense of the word at the church where I serve. It hasn’t always been that way, and am full of gratitude for the attitude and character of those who serve beside me. We’ve learned to let go of “EGO” so that “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

So how goes it with you and your team? Maybe it’s your time to let go of your EGO for the sake of your TEAM 🙂

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