Today We Remember

We’re setting aside our plans for this Sunday at VALLEY Christian Church to reflect and remember September 1, 2001. Our nation changed that day. We all changed that day. Just yesterday, I was speaking with a friend who was a school teacher for years in NYC. Twenty-six of his former students lost their lives on that terrible day!

There’s a lot talked about in churches today regarding connecting with the culture around us. What could be more culturally relevant that talking about what is and will be on everyone’s mind this Sunday? There is coverage all over television this week and people are remembering where they were and where we were as a nation 10 years ago.

I don’t think connecting with culture means being cool or hip. It does mean, answering questions people are asking and helping them to Biblically process events that they are experiencing. That’s my goal this Sunday. We vowed we’d never forget, and we won’t.

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