BIG Excitement About BIG Church

The summer is now officially over (after Labor Day weekend here in NY), the kids are heading back to school and the cool crisp temperatures of Fall are closing in. I am so excited about a new series that we are kicking-off this Sunday at VALLEY Christian Church called, “BIG Church”.

Two thousand years ago, a gathering of people in a middle-eastern city began a movement that would circle the globe and leave its mark on individuals and cultures on every continent. This movement would eventually become known as The Church. The church is a movement. And it’s still moving.

Over the next two months, we’ll rediscover what the church is really supposed to be all about as we study how this church movement began two thousand years ago. I’ll also share some of the “BIG Picture” vision (in the context of our study of the book of Acts) that lies ahead for the VALLEY Family over the next few years.

Whether you consider yourself a church person or not, you are invited to join us for this special series that will bring to life the story of the local church movement and the role we can each play in it today.


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